Welcome you to the success stories page of Handwriting without borders, led by the passionate graphopedagogue, Christine Groot. This page is a tribute to the remarkable journeys and spectacular transformations experienced by our learners before and after their guidance by Christine.

Here, you will discover true and inspiring stories of people who, through Christine’s expertise and personalized approach, have made significant strides in their writing development. Each story is a window into a world where writing barriers are lifted, allowing for free and confident expression.

These before-and-after stories are living proof of the profound impact that specialized graphopedagogy support can have.

Before and after to observe the progress

At the end of each rehabilitation, we take stock of the progress made. Each child leaves with a diploma presenting his progress. This allows us to become aware of the progress we have made and to highlight the work we have done. It is usually a great moment!

Latest success stories

Ruben, 8 sessions

The parents of Ruben, a young boy in grade 4, contacted me following the recommendations of my colleague Julie Baverel, “The keys to writing” who knew that I was offering remote sessions. The family lives in Switzerland and no graphical educator was near her.

Ruben had, among other things, slowness, pain in his hand. During our first session, we worked on posture and pencil holding. The latter was very quickly corrected and the pain went away.

Ruben’s handwriting lacked fluidity, some letters were badly formed, he had trouble getting his words on the line, and his notebooks were dirty. Yet Ruben applied himself and did his best.

After 8 sessions, unwavering will, and enthusiasm, Ruben, helped by his father, rose to the challenge and made enormous progress. During our sessions, he notably learned to copy a text (no more word for word!). Thus, in one session, he doubled his writing speed!

He still has a little way to go, but I’m sure he can rise to the challenge!

Ecrire mieux sur papierTenue de crayon corrigée

Cloé, 12th grade

palmar pencil outfit
writting perfectly manually on paper

Painful writing

Cloé contacted me at the beginning of June. She complained of pain and wanted to increase her writing speed. Preparing for medical school, she knew she was going to have to write a lot. 

So, for the three sessions, Cloé put all the chances on her side and worked very seriously. She quickly managed to change her pencil grip, and the aches disappeared. Together we found the pen that suited her best and that she still writes with today. The exercises that we did together allowed her to write faster and with more fluidity.

Five months later, she gave me some news. Her handwriting is more fluid than before. Cloé manages to take all the notes she needs to pass the medical exam.

I quote her: “I am thrilled that I have made so much progress in such a short time !” 

Well done Cloé! I wish her good luck with the exams and success !

Antoine 5th grade

Four sessions were enough for Antoine to correct his pencil grip, untie his fingers and better form his round letters.

He writes more legibly and his teachers appreciate it!

Letters before writting correction
Writting ligns after writting improvment

Jules 4th grade

Jules consulted because he found his handwriting difficult to read and complained of wrist pain.

Poor pencil grip

During the first sessions, he corrected the way he held his pencil and his posture. He has learned to position his hand correctly, below the writing line. Jules also found the pen that suited him : a roller. The wrist pain has disappeared.

Poor letter formation

We worked on the letter formation and their linking. The words are well placed on the writing line. He still has a little way to go, but the progress is there and it is very encouraging for him.

Illegible text before correction
writing during the reeducation

We hope these Success Stories will inspire you and convince you of the transformative power of graphopedagogy support. Whether you are an individual looking to improve your own writing or a parent wishing to support your child, let these stories guide you towards the possibility of positive and lasting change.

Handwriting rehabilitation can be done at any age. Don’t wait any longer to improve your handwriting !

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