Antoine 5th grade success story

Little or no legible writing

Writing quickly and well is not easy for everyone. Antoine had handwriting that could become really illegible, especially when he wrote quickly. His teachers had difficulty rereading it.


The importance of balance between speed and readability in writing cannot be underestimated, as extremely fast yet unreadable writing presents as many difficulties as excessively slow writing. This underscores an additional dimension of the challenges faced by Antoine and others in similar situations:

Balance between speed and readability:

While the ability to write quickly is often valued in the academic context, to meet the demands of exams and assignments within limited timeframes, this speed should not come at the expense of readability. Fast but unreadable writing can actually be counterproductive, as it often requires rewriting or additional clarification, resulting in a loss of time and efficiency. Furthermore, it can lead to misunderstandings or misinterpretations that affect the quality of communication and, by extension, academic evaluation.

For Antoine, the inability to maintain readability while writing quickly posed a crucial dilemma.

Difficulties in written communication:

The illegibility of his writing, especially under pressure or speed, made communicating his ideas and knowledge in writing problematic, which could hinder his ability to succeed in exams or complete assignments effectively.

Impact on academic evaluation:

Teachers struggling to read his responses, Antoine risked being under-assessed, not based on his understanding of the subjects, but rather due to the presentation of his work.

Frustration and anxiety: Awareness that his writing is difficult for others to read, including his teachers, could create a sense of frustration or even anxiety in Antoine during evaluation situations or when he had to share his writing.Decreased self-confidence: Difficulty in writing legibly can affect self-esteem, especially at an age where peer and teacher opinions are highly significant. Antoine could feel less capable or less intelligent than his peers.

Recognizing these challenges underscores the importance of a balanced approach in teaching writing, where speed and readability are developed complementarily. For Antoine, targeted intervention to correct his pencil grip and improve the formation of his letters was a crucial step not only towards more legible writing but also towards more effective and confident written expression, proving that the balance between speed and clarity is essential for successful communication.


5th grade
4 session(s)

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Writing rehabilitation

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First Consultation

Antoine encountered a notable obstacle in his ability to write legibly.

When he tried to write quickly, his handwriting became almost indecipherable, posing a serious problem for his teachers who struggled to proofread him.

Approach and progress

Working Sessions:

In just 4 intensive sessions, we focused our work on two key aspects: correcting Antoine’s pencil grip and softening his fingers.

These adjustments were crucial in teaching him to better form his letters, especially round letters.

Final results

The results obtained by Antoine were impressive.

His new way of holding the pencil and forming his letters allowed him to write much more legibly.

This improvement not only benefited Antoine but was also greatly appreciated by his teachers, marking a clear progression in his ability to write.

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