Paul success story, from unreadable to readable handwriting.

To make the handwriting legible.

Paul presented himself with the goal of making his handwriting more legible to facilitate communication with his teachers. His difficulty in taking notes effectively and copying lectures was hindering his learning process, putting him in a delicate position regarding his academic performance.


  1. Difficulty in taking notes effectively: Illegible handwriting can hinder Paul’s ability to take notes effectively during classes. This can result in gaps in his understanding of the topics covered and his ability to revise later on.
  2. Problematic copying of lectures: If Paul struggles to transcribe lectures or exercises from the board or textbooks due to his illegible handwriting, it can slow down his pace of work in class and put him in a stressful situation, depriving him of active participation in classroom activities.
  3. Impaired communication with teachers: Illegible handwriting can make it difficult for Paul to communicate with teachers when correcting assignments or reading notes taken in class. This can lead to misunderstandings and additional difficulties in understanding teachers’ expectations and feedback.
  4. Impact on academic performance: Difficulties related to illegible handwriting can affect Paul’s overall performance in school. Incomplete or poorly understood notes can result in lower assessment scores, which can impact his self-confidence and motivation.
  5. Frustration and stress: The inability to improve the legibility of his handwriting despite his efforts can lead to frustration and stress for Paul. This can also harm his self-esteem and perception of his academic abilities.


8th grade
9 session(s)

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Writing rehabilitation

Rehabilitation does not consist of writing lines. It involves offering tailored exercises based on the needs and progress observed.

First Consultation

Challenges faced by Paul:

  • Lack of legibility: This major obstacle made his notes difficult to read and understand, both for himself and his teachers.
  • Difficulty in taking notes: The ability to quickly jot down important information during classes is crucial. Paul struggled with both speed and clarity.
  • Copying issues: Faithfully transcribing information from the board to his notebook was hindered by his slowness and lack of precision.

Approach and progress

Interventions and Progress :

  • Improvement in grip and posture: These fundamental adjustments paved the way for more controlled and less tiring writing.
  • Work on letter formation: By focusing on how letters are formed, Paul was able to improve the fluency and shape of his writing.
  • Introduction to copying strategies: Learning effective techniques for copying notes has significantly.

Final results

Progression and Results:

  • Ability to complete his notes: Paul is now able to write his notes in full, a significant improvement that allows him to capture essential information.
  • Improved writing alignment: His writing is now better aligned, contributing to increased readability.
  • Continued progress: Although there are areas for improvement, the advances made by Paul during the holidays demonstrate his commitment and ability to evolve.

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