writing educator Christine Groot

Christine Groot graphopedagogue and teacher

Hello, my name is Christine Groot, and I am a dedicated educator with over two decades of experience in teaching. My professional journey has taken me around the world, from Asia to Africa and France, teaching at all levels from kindergarten to 5th grade. 

My passion for teaching is paired with a special focus on children with unique needs, constantly driving me to seek out the most suitable educational tools for each individual.

My path to graphopedagogy

My career took a significant turn when I encountered the challenges of handwriting, both in my students in France and abroad, and in my own child, diagnosed with dysgraphia. The struggle of my child to write legibly and efficiently awakened an urgent need in me to find solutions. This personal quest led me to the Association 5E, where I discovered the fascinating field of graphopedagogy.

Training and commitment

After witnessing the remarkable improvement in my child’s handwriting through the intervention of a graphopedagogue from Association 5E, I decided to train in this specialized field. 

As an active member of this association for several years, I have fully committed myself to graphopedagogy, determined to offer my help and expertise where they are most needed.

Diplomas, certifications and training

  • CRPE School teacher (kindergarden to 5th grade)
  • Certified in graphotherapy by Le geste – Paris
  • Certified in graphopedagogy by the 5E association – Paris
  • Trained in the evaluation and remodeling of primordial (archaic) reflexes, “the alphabet of movement” by IMP, Paul Landon and Ludivine – Caen
  • Brain Ball training module 1 and 2 – Régis Pautonnier – Issy les Moulineaux.
  • Brain Ball training (In-depth) module 3 and 4 – Régis Pautonnier – Toulouse

Handwriting without borders: my graphopedagogy practice

Recognizing the scarcity of French-speaking professionals specialized in graphopedagogy, especially abroad, I founded “Writing Without Borders”.

This practice, established in Houston, USA, and since September 2022 in Pau, France, symbolizes my commitment to assisting children and adults in overcoming their writing difficulties, regardless of their geographical location.

My mission

As a graphopedagogue, my mission is to help individuals of all ages improve their handwriting, thus contributing to their personal and academic development.

My international background as a teacher, coupled with my specialized training in graphopedagogy, form the foundation of my personalized and compassionate approach, aimed at providing tailored support to each individual.

My collaborations

L’Echo du Bayou P67 à 70 : De l’importance de l’écriture manuscrite.

Français dans le Monde Christine est graphopédagogue