Alexandre’s success story

Slowness and illegibility

Alexandre faced a major challenge: his writing was slow and difficult to read. Aware of this difficulty, it was Alexandre himself who took the initiative to ask for help, pushing his mother to organize a meeting.


The consequences of Alexandre’s writing problem, before his rehabilitation, can be considered from several aspects:

Academic Difficulties

Slow and illegible handwriting can seriously hamper academic performance. Homework and written exams become more difficult to complete within the allotted time, which can affect Alexander’s grades and assessment of comprehension.

Lack of Confidence

Problems with writing can also affect self-confidence. Alexandre may feel embarrassed by his writing compared to that of his peers, which may affect his participation in class and his desire to share his work.

Frustration and Demotivation

Difficulty writing legibly can lead to frustration, especially when the student has a clear understanding of concepts but is unable to express them correctly in writing. This situation can lead to demoralization and a lack of interest in studies or activities requiring writing.

Request for Extra Time and Help

Alexander had to spend extra time and seek outside help to overcome his writing difficulties. This involves a commitment of time and resources, both for him and his family.

Impact on Communication

As writing is a fundamental communication tool, problems in this area may limit Alexander’s ability to express his ideas and thoughts effectively, which may impact his personal and academic development .

Addressing these difficulties, as in the case of Alexandre, is therefore crucial to avoid these negative consequences and promote positive academic and personal progress.


9th grade
6 session(s)

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Writing rehabilitation

Rehabilitation does not consist of writing lines. It involves offering tailored exercises based on the needs and progress observed.

First Consultation

Alexandre is clearly aware of his difficulties and did not hesitate to ask for help to improve his writing speed and be more readable.

Approach and progress

Over the course of 6 targeted sessions, we focused our efforts on improving Alexandre’s pencil grip, a crucial step in transforming his way of writing.

Final results

Thanks to this personalized approach, Alexandre not only adopted a better pencil grip but also acquired the skill to form his letters in a more efficient and legible way. His writing has transformed, becoming faster and significantly clearer.

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