Grapho dice

Grapho dice game helps you master the basic forms of cursive handwriting. Writing while having fun is possible!
grapho dés jeux éducatifs amélioration de l'écrit

I am delighted to present the English version of “Grapho dé”, or grapho dice : a dice game that I created. It consists of 4 sets of games to improve your handwriting.

The grapho dice game can be used in class, at home or in rehabilitation.

These dice are presented in order of appearance of the 4 basic forms of cursive handwriting. We offer you several levels of skills and difficulties.

For a better printing, first download the dice and then print it! Have fun!

If you enjoy the games, do not hesitate to leave a comment! Thank you!

Word Art 11

Une rééducation de l’écriture peut se faire à n’importe quel âge. N’attendez plus pour soigner votre écriture!

Game 1: the basic forms of cursive handwriting

first rule for the dice game #1
Christine Groot
Christine Groot

Rééducation de l’écriture à Pau et en visio.

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