Is the ballpoint pen a good idea?

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Every year at the beginning of the school year, many parents or students wonder which ballpoint pen to choose to write well?

A few years ago before I became a graphopedagogue, I chose the most practical school supplies for my children, i.e. I went for the easiest and sometimes the cheapest. Ballpoint pens are very affordable and come in all colors.

If teenagers find them practical, especially the 4-color ballpoint pen, they are not all suitable for small hands and even less for children who start learning to write. I will try here to explain why.

The ballpoint pen and its different finishes

As its name suggests, it is a pen that writes thanks to the bearing of a ball. The ink is deposited when the ball is rolling. Only, some pens have a support of ball unsuited to the apprentice writers. If the pen is tilted too much, it scrapes the sheet and the ink is not deposited evenly.

Take a good look at these two pen tips. The supports that hold the ball are different.

stylo a bille mauvaise tenue
Simple tip ballpoint pen
Pointe stylo a pointe gros plan
Round tip ballpoint pen

Here is a schema of these two types of pens. You will better understand why it is easier to write with one than the other.

bad ballpoint pen
very good ballpoint pen

How to choose a good ballpoint pen?

So if you want to write with a ballpoint pen, it’s important to try it before you buy it. Start by holding it correctly, then write while tilting it enough so that your outfit is comfortable and does not prevent good finger mobility. Then check the ink flow, does the tip of the pen exert resistance on the sheet? If so, try another one!

For more information on the subject see our article “6 tips for choosing the right pen”.

What ballpoint pen do we use in the office?

At the office, we offer different pens so you can find the one that suits you best. If you don’t want to invest in a roller or a fountain pen, the Inkjoy Papermate Pen or the Schneider Slider pen might be for you!

stylos papermate inkjoy
Papermate Inkjoy
stylos schneider slider
Shneider slider

And which ballpoint pen do you prefer? Don’t hesitate to tell us in comment!

Si vous souhaitez avoir plus d’informations sur les différents stylos qui s’offrent à vous, je vous recommande de consulter l’article de ma collègue Nathalie Madelaine 

Christine Groot –

Handwriting rehabilitation, Houston, United States.

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