Network and Association

The 5 E association consists of about forty handwriting tutors spread out across France, Belgium, New Caledonia and the United States.

The association’s members comply with its chapter. It serves as a proof of seriousness and commitment. You can read it here.

Is a graphopedagogue nearby?

Is a graphopedagogue nearby?


• In Houston, Christine Groot :

• In Nouméa, Anne Soline SANDY

In France

• In Clermont-ferrand, Anne Mialle

• In Dunières,  Haute Loire, Anne Riocreux

• In Anse,  Aurélie Larendeau :

• In Villard Bonnot, Anne Revoil :  Rééducation écriture 38

• In St Julien en Genevois, Myriam Maso :  Aimer écrire


• In the Doubs, à Besançon, Julie Baverel :

In Yonne, nearby Auxerre, Sandrine Robin :

In Dijon,  Côte d’Or,  Julie Patriat :

In Saône-et-Loire, Christelle Cezille :

• St Brieuc (Côtes d’Armor), Catherine Richard : Catherine Richard

• Rennes (Ille et Vilaine), Caroline Maupin et Nathalie Calveyrac : Écriture Rennes

• In Saint-Amand-Longpré, Fanny de LemosRééducation écriture 41

In Bastia, Magali Flori : 

In Reims, Claire Carbonnaux :

Nearby Nancy, Rachel Bontems :

Close by Metz, Anne Pinter : Ré Ann’Ecriture

Close by Colmart, Mylène Schwartz : Graphomyne-graphopédagogue

Close Douai, Samirra Trari :

In Touquet, Clémence Baudimant : Réécriture

• Paris, Laurence Pierson et Isabelle De Freitas :

• Saint-Quentin en Yvelines, Aude de Beir :

 Créteil (Val-de-Marne), Yvette Aboukrat :

• Sucy-en-Brie (Val-de-Marne), Mélanie Joary :

• Mousseaux-sur-Seine (Yvelines), Caroline Yvanoff :

• Rambouillet (Yvelines), Laure Dufresne :

• Evry (Essonne), Halima El Mohamadi :

• In Orne, Nathalie Madelaine :

• In Rouen,  Laura

• In Haute-Garonne, close by Toulouse, Amandine Vignaux

• In Gard, nearby Nîmes, Isabelle Godefroy :

• In Albi, Bénédicte Bodinier : rééducation écriture 81

• In Mans (72), Corinne Chevalier et Sophie Monsimierécriture au Mans 
• Nearby Angers , Emilie Pavie : Educ’tamine
• In St Aubin-des-Coudrais, Ghislaine Garnier : Ghislaine Garnier

• In Var, Marie-Laure Vincent :

• In Briançon, Elodie GhirardiGraph-Elo

The charter of the association

 → Professional framework

1. Completing the full training course for handwriting tutors.
2. Exercising a liberal profession within a legal framework.
3. Working in a dedicated workplace.
4. Keeping up-to-date professional insurance contributions.


→  Network    

5. Establishing a high quality web site which contains a link to the interactive network map.


→ Reeducations

  6. Carrying out a re-education program in the fewest number of sessions ( no more than 10 sessions in total, except pathology cases).
  7. Giving daily exercises in between the sessions.
  8. Taking the time needed for each session ( no more than one appointment per hour).
  9. Encouraging accompanying adults to attend the handwriting sessions.
10. Scheduling the sessions at intervals of 3 to 5 weeks ( with an exception for the two first weeks).
11. Neither an invoice nor a written record needs to be issued at the beginning of the re-education program (except for urgent       medical requests).
12. Working as much as possible with other professionals who follow up the re-education process, without ever acting as a healthcare specialist or establishing a clinical diagnosis


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