Christine Groot


Christine Groot professional

Teacher since 1998. 

Christine Groot professional

Primary school teacher

I taught children from the preschool to the 5th grade in France, Asia and Africa. Handwriting has always played an important role in the educational process. Both, in France and abroad, I noticed that some of my pupils had struggled with writing.

So when I found out that my son had got dysgraphia, I decided to follow up several trainings, including handwriting tutoring. This latter program was prepared by the 5E Association specialized in teaching handwriting to students, adults, teachers, and of which I am a member now.

Isolation is always one of the challenges of life abroad, particularly when one of your children needs special attention. That is why I decided to create my own practice in Houston « Ecriture sans Frontières ».

My extensive experience in teaching will best meet your needs.

Having recently moved to Houston, I look forward to helping all those wishing to improve their handwriting skills or/and speed, so that it will turn into a real pleasure.